Trouble finding your address? + -

Check to ensure that the home address and street number were transcribed correctly. Do you live in an apartment complex? If so, go to the "Apartment" section of the faq. Is your home in a new development? If so, go to the "new development" section of the faq.

Only have an APN? + -

If your parcel does not yet have an address.

What is an APN? + -

APN stands for Assessor's Parcel Number and can be found on your deed, property tax bill, or at your local county assessor's office.

Who to contact if you have questions? + -

If you have registration specific questions, please contact the school district office. A link has been conveniently placed in the contact section.

Map error/suggest a correction or update? + -

Both of the below links are also located in the bottom right hand corner of the map. OpenStreetMap

Program error or bug? + -

If you have a suggestion for improving this service, or would like to report a boundary or programmatic issue, please follow the Schoolworks link provided in the contact section.

Live in an apartment and address doesn't come up? + -

If typing in your full address does not yield a result, please try the name of your apartment. If this still doesn't work please contact either the district or Schoolworks and will update our records to eliminate this error in the future. Links to both are provided in the contact section.

Don't know your address? + -

If you do not yet have an address for you parcel and have an APN, please contact the county. If you are looking to move to or purchase a home in a new development and you can't find the relevant information in the program, please alert Schoolworks or the district office. Alternately, if you know the location of your home, navigate to the appropriate area of the map and click. This will yield the correct results. Remember to please alert either Schoolworks or the district office so that records may be updated. Links are provided in the contact section.

Moving to a new development not yet on the map? + -

Every attempt has been made to provide the most up to date information; however, if the area to which you are moving, or looking to move to is not yet in our system, please alert either Schoolworks or the district, and we will update or records. Links to both are provided in our contact section.

Why does google return a result that I can't get to show up here? + -

Google, and most other mapping services, will do anything possible to give you a result regardless if an address truly exists or not. We've taken every measure to ensure that our results are as accurate as possible, and therefore this program will return fewer "results". On that note, if you find an error or are confident that something is amiss, please let Schoolworks know by following the link in the contact section.